2022 New Year's Greetings From Harmontronics

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Hello, everyone! 

Change is the king here as the age is out there. The air of festivity is greeting us to a brand-new level. On this occasion, I stand for our board of directors and management, to channel heartfelt wishes to all our staff and theirs. Also, we are greatly grateful to our customer base, along with collaborators, who have pushed us where we are now. Happy new year to you all, best wishes with good luck!

Over time, we are moving forward to push the limits. The year of 2021 has seen us pinched between the forefinger of Convid-19 and the thumb of transformed upgrading, with our initial ambition and ongoing diversification still well on track, though.

It is in 2021 that we launched the strategy of standardized transformation. Starting with non-standardized assets, Harmontronics has evolved as a fully-fledged company going public. Sandwiched internally and externally, we have been determined to shift from “project-based” to “product-based”, from “non-standardized” to “standardized” in product strategy. It was an incredible year when we have rounded off a strategic market survey with an optimized staple product line, standardized platform, apart from high-end talent.

In the very year of 2021, we finalized our business orientation towards the mainstay. As automation and intelligence all the more gain traction, we are, out of non-main business, gravitating to automobile electrification and intelligence manufacturing, with our intelligent equipment leaning towards the 3 major sectors, automobile, battery, charging and swapping.

With opportunities popping up, we ventured a foray into the swapping realm, packed with vision and tactics. Currently, 3 categories of products are in full flow, swapping-station overall unit, core modules and parts, as well as terminal operation system platform, which can deliver intelligent solutions and services of overall swapping to power battery manufacturers, charging and swapping operators and vehicle manufacturers.

Moreover, the year of 2021 has pushed us forward in the front of internal operation management. Our medium and long-term goal is pitched at operation efficiency, supported by a set of structures in system, process, organization and IT which were just put in force. Our R&D center is in full swing now, stepping up to give impetus to normalization and standardization. Better still, we have corporate culture refreshed, which can direct us to like-minded vision for a mission of values. Our headquarters based in Suzhou is in service at present, which functions as a landmark, bringing in a fabulous space for staff and workshops. Efficiency is injected in eye-popping development across standardized and modernized production.

To be exact, the year of 2021 was replete with motivation and innovation. Harmontronics was authorized as state-level little giant of “specialized, fined, peculiar and innovative”, and listed as “provincial four-star cloud enterprise” following the certification from the “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”. In relation to technological innovation, our products and application solutions have ranked among the provincial artificial intelligence integrated innovations, with our charging and swapping acclaimed as Best Swapping Technology Award in the industry. Such accolades are proof of our determined efforts, also incentives for us to move forward.

A goal goes a long way as synergy matters and transformation makes senses. Change is known as no mean feat, for a dream turned into a reality is definitely an odyssey. Facing the year of 2022, we will hold true to devotion and endurance in manoeuvre, showcasing a pop of unceasing determination. With the aspiration “booster to customer” in mind, we are scheduled to march on strategically, going one big step further.

For the year of 2022, we will take the strategy of standardized conversion a notch further. A focus will be shifted to the mainstay business for targeted solutions. Our product platform will be renewed for standardized solutions and single-machine for the benefits of product transformation. Our market competitiveness is set to gain momentum by virtue of quality, cost-effective products, as well as swift delivery and excellent services.

In the forthcoming 2022, we will look inside to better our operation and management. An innovative system is in the making to empower product management and R&D, centred on supervising market - product - R&D. A core operational process will be upgraded to boost organizational capacity and operational efficiency. A system on quality assurance and control will escort the whole-life cycle of products. The core values of “development advocates” are bound to help optimize our performance management system, diversified incentives and organizational vibrancy.

With the year of the tiger greeting to jingling bells, some staff of ours are still serving the client side, including those overseas, who are contributing to making a difference out there. You have every reason to take all the credit you deserve, to be honest. I'd like to extend New Year greetings to you all. Best wishes to each and every member of our team. Blessings to Harmontronics, together with our noteworthy nation!

Suzhou Harmontronics Technology Co., Ltd

Chief Executive  Albert Cai

January 30th , 2022

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