Electrical Design Engineer

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Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above (special consideration for outstanding ones), major in mechanical and electrical integration, electrical control and industrial automation or related.

2. Proficient in one or two kinds of PLC program.

3. Proficient in writing a touch screen, and can draw electric diagram.

4. Strong ability to learn and sense of responsibility, good language communication ability and team work spirit.

5. Designing experience of automation equipment and production line in 3 C/ new energy and health care industry.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for electrical researching, developing, programming, and electrical designing of the automation equipment.

1. Responsible for the electrical drawing, electrical components selection and program writing. And responsible for collecting, sorting, analyze and verify the electrical materials, manuals, models of the machine.

2. Guide the technicians to install the electrical wiring, and responsible for the program debugging.

3. Responsible for solving technical problems during the operation of the equipment.