Customs Supervisor

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1. Prepare the relevant import and export documents timely and accurately, arrange the export of goods in time, provide the documents required by customers and follow up the delivery and arrival of orders in time;
2. Import and export declaration, equipment import and export operation, export declaration data production;
3. Coordination and supervision between forwarders, customs brokers and express companies, so as to maintain good cooperation between them and complete export matters in time;
4. Check the import and export expenses of logistics and ask for payment every month;
5. Supplier logistics cost control;
6. Cross departmental communication and coordination;
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade and logistics, CET-4;
2. Familiar with the operation process of product trade import and export business and relevant laws and regulations, with solid foreign trade expertise;
3. Good communication skills and problem solving ability.