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1. Manage accounts payable in accordance with the requirements of the company's management system;
2. Review the purchase contract, bill and invoice;
3. Settle accounts payable according to the approved documents, and timely collect supplier invoices according to the time agreed in the contract and agreement;
4. Be responsible for the registration of the prepayment details of accounts payable, and check with the general ledger on a regular basis, so as to make sure that the certificates are consistent, the accounts are consistent, and the accounts are consistent;
5. Timely clean up all kinds of prepayments, payables and provisional estimates, long-term accounts payable, prepayments and provisional payments, handle account cancellation procedures as required, and timely clear accounts;
6. Do a good job in aging analysis of accounts payable and prepayment, provide analysis report in time, and put forward reasonable suggestions
7. Seriously and timely complete other tasks assigned by leaders
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting;
2. Familiar with the use of office software;
3. Have professional knowledge of accounting;
4. Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, practical ability and clear logic.