Software Development Engineer (Back-End)

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1. According to the specific requirements of the company's products or projects, undertake the development tasks and complete the task objectives as planned;
2. Cooperate with Requirement Analyst to complete the design of software system and module;
3. Code software system and module independently;
4. Assist the tester to complete the software system and module test;
5. Environment deployment and troubleshooting.
Job requirements:
1. Computer related major, master's degree in computer and related major in 2020;
2. Master the knowledge of Java language and object-oriented programming
3. Master the use of open source springboot, mybatis, SSH and other frameworks;
4. Familiar with SQL language, SQL server, mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL and other non relational databases;
5. Familiar with data structure and algorithm is preferred;
6. Be able to independently complete the software development tasks assigned by the project manager;
7. Strong sense of responsibility, self driven, with good learning, communication skills and team spirit.