Project delivery manager

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1. Be fully responsible for the project delivery and implementation, guarantee the contract and delivery quality, and intervene in the bidding process to improve the contract quality when necessary;
2. Reasonably and effectively use project management knowledge, tools and skills, and formulate project management plan;
3. Coordinate, manage and control internal and surrounding resources, ensure efficient project delivery and improve customer satisfaction
4. Be responsible for team building of project delivery personnel of the company, personnel allocation and resource coordination and arrangement of each project.
Job requirements:
1. Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, business English, project management, etc;
2. CET-4 and above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;
3. Have strong planning and execution ability, organization and coordination, interpersonal communication ability, service awareness, and strong sense of responsibility and mission for delivering projects on schedule.