Cylindrical Lithium Battery Automatic Production Line

Features & Benefits

- Fully automatic production line can realize high production of lithium cell.
- For each work station, vision system is used for quality confirm.
- Each station is driven by servo control system, the whole production line use digital communication field-bus, all production data is traceable.
- The cell injection pump is controlled by the individual control box, the injection amount is set up in advance, the accuracy
of the injection is ensured by three times divided injection, vacuuming and weighing.


- Cell core loading.
- negative electrode insulator and housing assembly.
- negative electrode soldering,positive electrode insulator assembly.
- housing channelling and dispensing.
- cell injection and weighing.
- positive electrode cover assembly.
- laser marking.
- cleaning and drying.
- testing, packaging.


Cylindrical Lithium Battery

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